College Media Association

Sometimes you do get to meet your heroes. CBS news legend Bob Schieffer and I had a chance to chat before I introduced him at the National College Media Convention in 2017.

As president of College Media Association, I lead a national organization of more than 600 college media advisers who seek to develop strong, student-led media programs at colleges and universities across North America.

We impact young media professionals as both teachers and trainers, hosting thousands of students at national conventions. Our reach extends to college news organizations, free-form radio stations, campus TV stations, literary magazines and more. Training includes everything from libel law to ad sales to news judgment to FCC regulations and more.

I’ve sought to position CMA at the vanguard of efforts to protect First Amendment freedoms and to speak out against threats to the independence of student media. We’ve helped instigate and support New Voices laws that aim to prevent censorship at both the high school and college level, and we fight back against school officials who try to stifle the student press.

For more about CMA, please visit and connect @collegemedia.