Advocacy and service

Our work as journalism educators should go beyond the classroom.

We want our students to enter the world and make a difference. We should do the same.

Here are some of the ways I’ve tried to have an impact on issues that matter to me.

Press freedom

I led efforts in the Vermont statehouse to help the state become among the first to pass a New Voices Law, which protects free-press rights in the state’s high schools and colleges.


As president of College Media Association, I sought to raise the profile of our profession, the students we serve and the issues that matter to journalists worldwide.


I’ve sought to have an impact by instigating or joining efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the spaces I’ve entered: a student media board, a student affairs department, a journalism department, a media college, and the world’s largest organization for college media advisers and the students they serve.

As leader of New Voices of Vermont, Chris was called upon to build coalitions across the communities of students, educators, journalists, lawyers and policymakers to enact reform legislation. He strategically identified and prepped witnesses, managed relations with legislators, and otherwise became the animating force behind this statewide reform initiative, which culminated in enactment of one of the strongest press-freedom laws in the country.

Frank LoMonte, Counsel, CNN