Way back in eighth grade, one of my English class assignments won 4th place in a national science-fiction story competition. That’s when I decided I’d be a fiction writer.

But like many working-class kids in the Midwest, I was told to aim lower. The only local writers I knew of were reporters, so I went into journalism instead. Turns out I loved that, too.

I’ve kept the fiction writing up, though, and it took me into the classrooms, offices and homes of the likes of Sharon Olds, Pat Rushin, Irini Spanidou and E.L. Doctorow. Once, I got to fetch a Diet Coke for Toni Morrison.

It felt like a big deal at the time. Still does.

I’ve published a few stories since the “Tunnels of Time” in middle school. This page features a few.

As a writer of fiction, Chris is imaginative, risk-taking, and has a bent for satire. His maturity is in his favor, as well as his clear sense of responsibility to the calling of fiction.

E.L. Doctorow, novelist