I’ve spent my time flipping through the police blotter, reporting from late-night city council and school board meetings, and digging through public records, along the way picking up national and state-level awards for investigative, public service and project reporting from the Education Writers Association, the National Association of Secondary School Principals and others. I’ve also covered free-speech advocacy as a writer for the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center in New York City.

I’ve produced hundreds of articles over the years. Here are just a few.

A superintendent’s tough calls


Some people seem to love school superintendent David Sawyer. Others? Not so much. To hear his community talk about him, this controversial figure’s decisions have drawn a checkered response.

Where he goes next remains to be seen.

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Why didn’t anyone stop teacher’s sexual abuse?


High-school teacher Karen Roberts started having sex with several of her students, but, even as rumors of her misdeeds spread, no one turned her in. This award-winning investigative story looks into who knew what and why they stayed silent.

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Presidential victory riveted foreign journalists

China News-stand 12-2000

In the parts of the world where democracy is just beginning to take hold, journalists wonder whether the United States doesn’t know what it is doing when attempting the most basic element of running a democracy: electing a leader.

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Do video games lead to violence?

Do games make kids violent?

If a teenager obsessively plays a violent video game in which he roams alleyways, shooting and killing every mutant alien he sees, then later roams the hallways of his school with a real gun, shooting every student he sees, is there a connection?

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Edward Albee fights censorship

Edward Albee

At the age of 12, the author of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? wrote a three-act sex farce for his mother. For the first time that he remembers, he was censored. He’s been fighting against censorship ever since.

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Bill T. Jones dances around controversy

Bill T. Jones

When critics say choreographer Bill T. Jones’s work should be less erotic or shy away from topics that matter to him as a black, gay, HIV-positive man, Jones battles against becoming his own worst censor.

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